Jaia do Nascimento, USA



Jaia Nascimento USA

The artist Jaia Nascimento, born in the city of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil, raised from the age of three, in Recife/PE, is passionate about the Capital of the
Republic,Brasília, where she resides since 1981.
The artist is a retired teacher from the Department of Education of DF; pioneer and Commander of the Pioneers of Brasília Club and affiliated with the Latin American
Academy of Art – ALA and the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History – ABACH, both located in the city São Paulo, Brazil.
Visibly eclectic and attracted by contemporary art, sometimes impressionist, surrealist and highly figurative, where fuel for the soul is to dream without limits.
She expands her private universe in spontaneous brushstrokes embraced with many colors, joy and creativity. She paints without rules, constraints or prejudice, daring
and revealing her spirit of poet and anarchist. The anarchy of the final destination leads to a trip without rules to a world of color, beauty and fantasy. She is
dedicated to studying the effects of plaster on canvas. She illustrates vigorous expression in rich and balanced colors, interacting and penetrating the mysteries of
the soul, the cosmos and the nature of all creatures. Artistic techniques used: mixed, vinyl, acrylic and plaster on canvas. Finally, one of the greatest joys is
when her clientele claims that her paintings transmit good energy and good vibrations.
During the years 2004 until 2011, she took part also in several exhibitions organized ABACH, by Jiselda Salbu -GIGI- in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
She participated in the book “Realismo Latino”, 2013 edited by Jiselda Salbu, Artcom Expo .
Memberships in Arts:Artcom Expo International Association of Artists (Norway) since 2013.

Candangos - Brasilia - 80 x 1.00

Sonhos Etílico -Brindes a Vida - 60 x 1.30

Janela Florida - 51 x 87

O Gato de Copacabana - 60 x 80

Sonho Ecléticos a Vida

Rio Antigo -51 x 84

Borboleta Fashion - 60 x 80