Artist: Aparecida Santos, Brazil

22. jul, 2015

Artist: Aparecida Santos, Brazil

Artist: Aparecida Santos, Brazil


Artist: Aparecida Santos, Brazil

Maria Aparecida dos Santos Sousa, stage name: Aparecida Santos, was born in Picuí PB, in 1981.It has a link with the painting and environmental issues from his childhood, which was already using recycled materials to compose their works. Currently makes use of various techniques, such as acrylic on recycled materials, oil on canvas and mixed media. The environmental theme is always present in his works.

 In addition to visual artist, Aparecida Santos is a professor artist and environmental educator. The environmental theme is always present in the composition of his works, both in themes such as the materials used. The focus of the study is the development of the environment and education for sensitivity. Develops online courses in different areas of the visual arts. We have conducted individual and joint exhibitions in Brazil and Europe.

2. Technical

Currently his proposal in the fine arts, is based on the consideration of the environmental beauties of everyday life that often go unnoticed due to the rush of modern life. The paintings propose environmental enhancement, focusing on the natural beauty that are part of livings of people and the inclusion of the human being as part of the environment.

 The works bring an environmental theme, both portrayed images, as in recycled materials that make them up, inviting each to retrain your feelings, turning what no longer serves in something good.

The works are developed from household waste and industrial waste, in addition to conventional materials. The technique consists in the composition of artistic objects with all that less harm the environment. The techniques used are: Acrylic on recycled materials, oil on canvas and mixed media, and can be included in the work many solid waste, as demolition wood, Styrofoam and tissue (material that can not be recycled in the conventional way by recycling companies ) so that all have worked durability and aesthetic beauty.The main objective of the work is to encourage the look of appreciation and appreciation of the beauties of the world, in order to soften the interior and environmental chaos, bringing the human recognition that we are part of the environment and that any influence on it, either positively or negative influences our own lives.

3. Education / titration

2012-2016: Graduate student in Visual Arts

University Center Leonardo Da Vinci.

2008- 2009: Specialization in Environmental Education. (Hourly Charge: 360h).

Faculty International Curitiba.

2005 - 2008: Degree in Biology.

Faculty of Technology and Sciences Salvador, FTC, Brazil.

4. Professional Experience

2007- Joint Exhibition. Organizing Institution: Cultural Centre. Location: Jacobina-BA

2007- Joint Exhibition. Organizing institution: Association of Commerce and Industry Jacobina- BA (ACIJA). Location: Headquarters ACIJA.

2008- Organization of the art fair, "Art Expo". Organizing Institution: Atelier Art Aparecida Santos. Location: Várzea New-BA

2008- workshops of art therapy. Organizing institution: Health Department of Jacobina, Bahia. Location: CAPS- Jacobina-BA

2008- Art- education (Pro- Pro Young Adolescents). Organizing institution: Department of Social Services. Jacobina- BA. Location: Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS). Jacobina- BA

2009- Joint Exhibition. Institution Organizing :: Gallery, Le Miroir a Deux Faces. Location: Annecy Lac. France-FR

2009- independent paintings. Organizing Institution: Atelier Art Aparecida Santos. Local- Geneva. SWITZERLAND- CH

2010- Art- education to low-income youth. (CRAS- Pro- young teenager). Ourolândia- BA

2010- Collective exhibition. Organizing institution: Brazilian Academy of Art Culture and History. Location: Farm House. Sao Paulo-SP

2010- Book Release: Talent Crystal (Co-authored) and participation in the Book Biennial. Location: São Paulo-SP.

2011- Art therapy. Institution: Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE). Location: Paulo Lopes-SC

2015-2016: private painting lessons for children and adults. Organizing Institution: Atelier Art Aparecida Santos. Location: Paulo Lopes- SC

2013- 2015: Art- education, elementary school. City of Paulo Lopes- SC

2016: individually Exhibition Organizing Institution: Santa Catarina Culture Foundation. Location: Public Library of the State Florianópolis-SC

2016: Taught courses online. Area: Visual Arts. Location:

2016:Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.



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