Augusto Boccara, Brasil

Augusto Boccara, Brasil. To be represented in the book "Artists Across Continents

Augusto (Mario) Boccara  Architect & Urbanism



Mario, Architect, Urbanism and plastic artist that speak to us sometimes in Spanish, French, English, Italian or Portuguese, and sometimes in other languages, was born on 17/10/34, in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, son of Italian father and French Swiss mother; has adopted Italian nationality.

He visited Brazil in past years of 1945 and 1954, were later took root in 1959.

Architects family, plastic artists and architecture teachers, are examples, in his generation: Claudia Boccara, Colette Boccara and Ernesto Boccara.

As architect has accomplished around 1200 projects, to several countries, amoung of wich: Arabic United Emirates, Argentine, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain and USA, utilizing solutions of flank, establishment, formals and technological highly creative, static or dynamics, derived from reinforced concrete (including expanded forward) and/or the steel and glass and/or wood.

All of them show wide dominion of the most sophisticated structural concepts, including pneumatic bubbles simple and multiples, geodesics and barks curvature simple and double.

Taking refuge with the most juggling kinds of foundation included the anchorages of tension.

In the last 35 years Augusto (Mario) Boccara introduced kinematics and trans- formability in his architecture. It become more versatile and more durable (adapted along time) his projects. Avoiding, in this way, his precocious obsolete. In 1988 has elaborated “Kineticon”, the first Brazilian architectonic project of a building, with typical traits that become it preponderantly changeable as the whole and not just a holder of movables parts, purposed to be Exposition center and Ecumenical Museum of Art, Science and Vanguard Technology, Embu Guaçu, SP, Brazil.

Its main body inward itself on the earth, rising, emerging in the horizon, developing formal and chromate, ascending part by part or integrally, spinning to re-orient in accord with a program which interpret needs always mutable of its utilization.

Other important kinetically architectural Boccara projects are: Dove Complex (1986), a turn able hotel building that let a daily oceanic view and nightly of Miami city, Florida USA), to all customers; Unieco University (2001), that has 8 geodesic teaching buildings, with moving possibilities over train reels, Embu Guaçu, SP, Brazil, and residential Mobile building (2007), with duplex independently, turning apartments, letting Persian Golf and other Abu Dhabi views, AD, Arabic United Emirates.   

Because of that his innovated creations are found published in books, magazines and newspapers all over the world.

Concurrently with Architecture, he has been producing approximately 3000 art works, between embossed work and sculptures.

Several exhibitions organized for Jiselda Salbu -GIGI -2004  a 2011- in Brazil,Argentina,Chile, Punta del Leste .

He has participated Illustrated Book  Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway 2013.

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.


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07.01 | 11:47

Very beautifull ! Good Luck

04.01 | 07:57

Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

04.01 | 07:49

Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

04.01 | 07:43

Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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