Liane Sanchez, Brazil

Liane Sanchez, Brazil

Artist - Liane  Sanchez Brazil

Having had experience with woodcuts, sculpture, oil painting and other art forms, such as theater, photography and music (although she claims to have a predominant
tendency for drawing), Liane Sanchez began to reveal her love for art quite instinctively,  as a 12 year old girl. At the age of 17 she joined “Panamericana” School
of Art, which served as a stepping stone to broaden art perspectives in her life. Her first exhibition, followed by many others, was held during this period.
About her creative process, she says:
"I work primarily with the human figure and its inner wealth.
Through a few lines, I try to transmit a feeling, an emotion ... what attracts me is the human being and its nuances, the key points that bind you to perfection.
I always try to observe everything, anywhere I go.
I keep impressions of certain people or moments and they get stored in my memory, and when the time comes to look at the piece of paper, I see the drawing done.
Each sheet has a specific color shade... the feeling of color must be in harmony with that image imprinted in my memory.  And so, there is an exact moment to transfer
the idea to the actual reality. That is when the artwork is complete. "
1971/73 - Panamericana School of Art. - Painting and Visual Arts
1975/77 - Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo - FEBASP. - Degree in Arts Education and Arts
2009 - Instituto Tomie Ohtake - Design - Prof. Edith Derdyk.
2012/13 – Introductory Course History of Art from the Collection of the MASP - Professor Renato Brolezzi

Participation as an artist:
1973 - Pan American School of Art - Atelier Prof.. Samadi - woodcuts
1973 - I National Competition Stamping Design for Textiles "Conde Francisco Matarazzo Jr." diploma
1975 - VIII State Exhibition of Painting and Drawing for Amateurs - "Lions Club of São Paulo."
1978 - VI Limeira Contemporary Art - Honorable Mention
1978 - Young Contemporary Arts - Santo André
1978 - New Group - Câmara Municipal de São Paulo - collective
1979 - II Salon of Plastic Arts of São João do Meriti - RJ
1979 - XIV Salon of May – RJ - Honorable Mention.
1979 - I Salon of Plastic Arts of Leme - Honorable Mention
1979 - VII Salon of Contemporary Art – Limeira - SP
1979 - Christmas Fair - Dan Gallery - SP
1980 - Four New Collective - SP
1980 - Four New Collective -  Nossa Caixa – SP - donation
1980 - Art Show Twentieth Century (ABD / MEC) - RJ - Special Mention
1980 - III Salon of Plastic Arts of São João do Meriti – RJ - diploma
1980 - VIII Salon of Plastic Arts of Taubaté - SP - Donation to the Museum of Fine Arts Taubaté
1980 - II Brazilian Art - Bienal – SP - diploma
1981 - IX Limeira Contemporary Art
1981 - Jasmine Gallery - individual
1981 - Christmas with Art  - A.I.A.P. - SP
1982 - VI Immigrants’s Exhibition A.I.A.P. - Bienal - SP
1982 - Friendship Jundiai - donation
1982 - UNAP-SP- Silver Medal
1982 - I Salon of Plastic Arts of I.A.A. - A.I.A.P. - SP
1983 - Art Salon - Syndicate Year Zero - A.P.A.P.P. - USP - SP
1984 - VIII Cultural Exhibition of Immigrants - Bienal - SP
1984 - VIII Official Salon of Fine Arts Matão – SP - diploma
1984 - V Fine Arts Exhibition - AMORC - SP
2009 - Fine Arts Exhibition - Tabriz
2009 - Exhibition of Plastic Arts - AMORC - SP
2011 - Art Exhibition to promote the Winter Campaign 2011 - Club Paineiras do Morumbi - SP
2011 - Exhibition Friends Forever organized by Jiselda Salbub  - Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi - SP
2011 - Exhibition in Commemoration Semana da Patria organized by Jiselda Salbu- Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi - SP
2011 - XX International Cultural Meeting - VI Art Exhibition organized by Jiselda Salbu   - Buenos Aires - Argentina
2011 - Inauguration Gallery of Cultural Sculptor Victor Brecheret -organized by Jiselda Salbu Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi - SP
2011 - House of Culture Art and History of SBC / Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History - Opening Gallery Amelia`s Café,organized by Jiselda Salbu
2012 - Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi - Valentine's Day,organized by Jiselda Salbu

2013- Exhibitions organized by Artcom Expo International Association of Artists. :Gallery Eclettica -Spoleto - Gallery La Pigna Roma .

2013-She has participated the Book  “Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists” .

2013 - Member of Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.



Mulher com Brinco
Mulher com flor
Mulher com cachecol
Mulher com colar
Mulher de chapéu
Mulher Oriental

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Very beautifull ! Good Luck

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Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

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Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

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Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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