Sandra Goraieb,-Italia- Brazil

Artist -Sandra Goraieb  Brazil

Born in Campinas, SP, Brazil, she is a Medical Doctor, graduated a Petropolis, RJ and post graduated at Campinas in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.
She lived for many years in Italy, where she got another specialization in Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology.
She studied Draw at Academia Odette Motta Raia de Artes in Campinas at the age of 12 and later Painting Restoration at Leonardo Passeri’s Studio in Florence.
Was a former member of the artistic group at Sergio Longo’s Gallery in  S.Paulo.
Founder and President of Círculo de Letras e Artes de Paulínia-CLAP, NGO interested in promoting art in a regional basis.
She participated in the book “Realismo Latino”, 2013 edited by Jiselda Salbu, Artcom Expo and Alicia Cunto.
During the years 2004 until 2011, she took part also in several exhibitions organized by Jiselda Salbu -GIGI- in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
She was granted with the  Silver Medal in the Salão do Meio Ambiente (Academia Brasileira do Meio Ambiente)in Rio de Janeiro, and Bronze Medal at Museo Metropolitano
de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She was also granted with Premio Città di Spoleto, at Galleria Eccletica, Spoleto Italy and Gold Medal in the  Galleria La Pigna, Rome during 2013 in the several
exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.
In 2013 she was also at the Carrousell du Louvre, Paris.
In 2014, she attended exhibitions in Portugal at Casa do Paço in Figueira da Foz and Museu Etnográfico do Mira, Praia do Mira.
She was the curator and organizer of the “I Salão Premiado de Paulínia- Comemorativo ao Cinquentenário da Emancipação de Paulínia”.
She is also the ideator of “Premio CLAP”, na award to people and organizations linked to Arts promotion and development.
Memberships in Arts:ABACH Academia Brasileira de Arte,Cultura e História since 2011;
Artcom Expo International Association of Artists (Norway) since 2013;
ABLA, Academia Boituvense de Letras e Artes, since 2013;
ABRASCI, Academia Brasileira de Ciências, Artes, Historia e Literatura since 2014 .






A Ponte do Massacre e a Árvore da Névoa

A Torre do Castelo dos Jardins de Ninfa

Marinha 1991

Campo de trigo verde

Artwork I: Adamo
Dimension: 20 x 30

Artwork II: Eva
Dimension: 20 x 30

Terpsicore and Apolo