Paulo Byron, Brazil

Paulo Byron Brazil


Self-taught, studio located in São Paulo, Brazil.
He has a romantic and nostalgic view, in wich portrays everyday stripped using unique techniques of perspectives and deconstruction.
He uses inputs and unusual ways, arising from incessant search. He elected the acrylic to color his characters.
His major concern with drawing, studied and planned at each detail, shows a natural loyalty despite the deconstruction with the use of exaggerated perspective;
his characteristic, among others, starker and recognizable at first glance.
His works, in which simplicity in developing immediately communicate the content, achieving a unique synergy with the observer.
As for style; we can qualify him as a painter "Modernist Figurative", although he applies techniques and colorful shadows of other styles, he states:
"art doesn’t admit labels, it shall be appreciated".
Appreciates the fact of being self-taught, schools doesn’t influence him neither are dogmas strong enough to modify his work.
Transported to canvas his works are already planned, studied, corrected; so his production is small but elaborate and careful to the extreme.
He has been participating in numerous exhibitions organized by Jiselda Salbu  - GIGI ,  and abroad where she received several medals and certificates and throughout Brazil,in 2004  a 2011.



serie brincadeiras infantis - Domingo com os meninos 60 x 70 AST feb 2013 POA
A Série Boemia - Meu amigo de tantas madrugadas - 60 x 60 AST 2011
A serie boemia Dupla AST 1 20 x 70 2009
A Serie Boemia 30 x 40 pastel 2008
A Série Boemia -Serenata 1 00 x 1 00 AST 2011
A Serie Boemia -80 x 50 O Arnesto nos Convidô 80 x 50 AST
serie boemia- Ajustes Finais - 80 x 70 AST 17.03.13 POA
Serie Boemia Letra e musica music et paroles 1 00 x1 20 AST 2012 apr
Decisões ....
Velho Boêmio .....
Serie brincadeiras infantis - Ao sabor do vento -AST 80 x 70 set 2013 Poa
serie brincadeiras infantis - piões 50 x 50 AST set 2013 poa paulo byron
Velho Boemio
Serie brincadeiras infantis - I Paquera - 80 x 70 AST 2013 POA may 2013 Paulo Byron
Serie brincadeiras infantis - Piões 50 x 50 AST set 2013 poa
Serie Brincadeiras Infantis - Quebrou e Daí 1 00 x 1 00 AST 2013 jul

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07.01 | 11:47

Very beautifull ! Good Luck

04.01 | 07:57

Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

04.01 | 07:49

Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

04.01 | 07:43

Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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