Artist:Nercí Martins, Brazil

Nercí Martins


Artist: N.Martins, Brazil
Nerci Martins Clemente was born in 12/09/75 in São Paulo, married.
Resident in Boituva for 11 years.
I became interested in painting as a therapy for the death of my father, later my sister. In fact this was the only way I found to
overcome some sorrows that life has given me.
I fell in love with the paintings on canvas and arts.
Today my mission is to bring harmony, color, joy, life and energy to all who are art lovers.
But what canvas, brushes and paints, the seeking of angles, lines, colors and lights, forming a perfect set, convey the thought and the
feeling of travelling through the images and join them.
If the painting had to be expressed in words, it defines as a constant search for inner self that dwells in the submerged universe
of my soul, materializing in eternal expressions.
I discovered through each brkushstroke a magical universe of thoughts, emotions and feelings that dwells within me and the eternal
questions that is born with the human being:
Where is the reality? The dream? The feelings?
So I like to reproduce the past, present and future through my canvas and brushes, the colors, the lights, shapes and actions of

Style: Oil on canvas, mixed and texture.
Plastic Artist, Academic Member of Abla
Comendadora and Member of Coninter
I'm Exhibitions and participant book Crystal talents and Crystal Letters and Arts.

Title:Natureza Morta- Dimension- 60 x 80 - Price: 250 Euros
Title: Paisagem - Dimension - 50 x 70 - Price: 250 Euros
Title: Tulipas - Dimension 80 x 1.20- Price:300 Euros
Title: Girassóis- Dimension 60 x 80 -Price: 250 Euros
Title: Barcos em alto mar- Dimension - 80 x 1.20 - Price: 250 Euros
Title: Bela Italia - Dimension - 1.20 x 80 / Price: 300 Euros
Title:Paisagem 3 em D / Dimension: 50 x 70 / Price: 300 Euros
Title- Horse- Dimension- 60 x 90- Price- 250 Euros
Title: Tiger - Dimension - 50 x 70 - Price: 250 Euros

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10.06 | 13:35 seja bem vindo
Artcom Expo International Association of Artists

Urene, 6730 Davik Norway-


Contato: Norway / Jiselda Salbu / wap zap- Italy :0039 3511272847- TELS:0047-97907611/

04.10 | 10:20

ADOREI fazer parte da s/constelação querida: como vc nos acolheu na SUA casa: o calor humano, o zelo, o carinho...Seu e do seu marido! Foi lindo!

21.08 | 00:11

Grande artista e amiga Gigi, e sempre um prazer fazer parte da tua constelação!
Vc sempre foi batalhadora e nos,os artistas, temos muito a te agradecer. Bjs

02.07 | 09:37

Gleder meg til å opne ei flott utstilling idag kl 12.00 ! Takk til Jiselda og Hans for at vi fekk til dette samarbeidet . Ser frem til forsettelsen !

Mvh Arve

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