Everson Fonseca- Brazil

Everson Fonseca- Brazil

Artist-Everson Fonseca, Brazil
Born in Maceió - AL
Everson creates his work from an early age, his first exhibition as Plastic Artist happened in 1974 at the Teatro Marshal Deodoro- in Marechal Deodoro - AL.
2014- January- Celebration 460 years of Sao Paulo-exhibition "Between Panos".
2013- November- Group exhibition "MAD 4" in the cloud Gallery.
2013- November- Art Fair Participation Contemporary PART, sold with the book "Among Us".
2013 - October-Single in the Cloud Gallery, São Paulo, with the theme "Changes".
2013 - May - Single Groceries in San Roque - in São Paulo, with the theme "Anthropomorphic Design," Everson Fonseca.
2013 - May - 1st Salon d'Automne in Latin America - Alliance Française in São Paulo-Brooklyn with the Collective Work "Between us".
2012 - Collective in Japanese Consulate in São Paulo, with the work "Tiger".
2010 - Collective in the cloud Gallery in São Paulo, with the work "This is not the Mona Lisa."
2010 - Individual in Emporium Artistic Michelangelo in Sao Paulo. "The meeting with the Animal Soul that is within us."
2004 - Individual at the Art Gallery Alceu Amoroso Lima on the theme "Art Mix".
2004 - Cloud Painting and Angels on the front range of the Cemetery of Consolation in Sao Paulo.
2004 - 450 Years of São Paulo - Brazilian Artists Collective 450.
2003 - Individual at Gallery Alceu Amoroso Lima on the theme "Eat Art".
1999 - Exhibition of Works "Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary" entitled "The Last Meeting" at the Foundation Pierre Chalita - Pop Market - Maceió - AL.
1998 - Exhibition - II Show TRT painters - Maceió- AL.
1998- "On Angel Wings" - Centro Cultural de Santa Catarina - São Paulo - SP.
1996 - "Air Brush" Cultural Primarch (Anniversary Commemoration of 25 years) in March and May-São Caetano SP.
1993 - Arts School Musical Libero - Batatais - SP.- Decor Shop Exhibition - Maceió - AL. -House of Culture - Batatais - SP.
1991 - Studio Claudia Maw - São Paulo - SP.
1989 - Church of the Holy Spirit Panel - Maceió - AL. - Point and Line - Maceió - AL.
1987 - "70 years" Theatre Marechal Deodoro - Maceió - AL. - Art show in Atelier Private - Maceió - AL. -Graffite Gallery - Maceió - AL.
1986 - Art Salon Ribeirão Preto - House of Culture - Ribeirão Preto-SP. -  Museum of Portinari House - Brodósqui- SP.
1985 - Theatre Vanucci - Ask "Right Back" with Rosa Maria Murtinho, Mauro Mendonça and Débora Duarte, Exhibition in scene work "Indifference Time" - Rio de Janeiro - RJ. - Produban - Space Gallery - Maceió - AL - Point and Line - Maceió - AL.
1984 - Art Gallery José Inácio - Aracaju - AL.- Pure Art Gallery - River Information Center - Rio de Janeiro-RJ.
1983 - Restaurant Gstaad - Maceió - AL -  Graffite Gallery - Maceió - AL.
1979 - Art gallery Mario Palmeira - Maceió - AL.
1978 - VIII Marechal Deodoro Summer Festival - Marechal Deodoro - AL.
1974 - Marechal Deodoro Theater - Marechal Deodoro - AL.
1976 - Award Pierre Chalita - Environmental Gallery - Maceió - AL.
1978 - Hall Watchtower - Gold Medal (1st Place) - Epiphanes Library Doria - Aracaju- SE.
1989 - Mention Premio Rosa - Marechal Deodoro - Saint Kitts Culture House - Aracaju- SE.
1998 - Tribute to "Silver Plaque" in gratitude to the Panel donated to the Church Holy Spirit - Maceió - AL.
Catalogued work - "Contemporary Art of Alagoas". In: Romeo de Mello Loureiro (. Org) Maceió - AL, 1989, p. 48-49.
"Everson Fonseca Oliveira, born in Maceió (AL) in 1959. Like many others, began to draw as a child and painting at sixteen. Self-taught.
Your resume dating back to 1977, when he held his first solo exhibition in Mario Palm Junior Gallery that had just been inaugurated.
In the early days, their work remained a pure academicism; gradually however, have emerged the surreal elements - notably drops watermark, big eyes and various birds (the latter two respectively connected to a congenital deficiency in the right eye that suffers the artist and the act of creating his Father birdies on ponds and cages).
The exhibition which held in 1984 in Gstaad - Maceio restaurant that maintains a Cultural Center - marked finally the definitive consolidation of his style, making own, very personal and unmistakable, characterized by a blistering verismo in the forms (which are always academic) and the incoherent combinations of objects (invariably beautiful and mostly antiques) that although family, end up acquiring an unreal feature represented by outside their natural contexts.
The colorful, purposely artificial (more to earthy) of their flesh tones adds to the perfection of the surreal climate of Everson works.
Due to almost photographic realism that lends to their figures, Everson became the favorite of high society Portraiture Alagoas, having performed also the portrait of several personalities from outside who have gone through their homeland. In recent years Everson began to divide his time between Maceio and the Southeast of the country, São Paulo ".

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists .


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Very beautifull ! Good Luck

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Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

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Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

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Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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