MARVEL - Marianne Velzeboer Holland

MARVEL Marianne Velzeboer Holland,

Artist  MARVEL   - Marianne Velzeboer, was born in Beemster, Holland, in 1951.

Marianne Velzeboer, was born in Beemster, Holland, in 1951.

ART has been a leading drive in her life. She got a private education in music, playing the concert organ, in especially classic music in which she performed in concerts in churches at high-days. This was extended with piano and other key instruments.
Moreover she went into poetry, and joined in with a Poets Collective. A number of her poems have been published in poetry collections, or placed, as a fix item, in newspapers.
For newspapers she also wrote articles of interest or as a columnist.
Meanwhile she developed an interest in ancient and heraldic writing.  Eventually she started studies in the Art of Calligraphy as well as in History of Script.
She now is a licensed calligraphist, who extended her skills over many years, taking part in international seminars organized by leading professionals. Many of these were held in monasteries, where –saillant détail- the participants were interned during a week or more and subjected to the cloister’s regime of isolation and soberness.
Eventually, when she realized that here knowledge and abilities had developed to an ample level, she became a master herself and she started, beside the music, to teach people also in this field of art, in private, but also in public places, something she did for about 30 years.
But, since she had made out of her interests her profession and based her living upon it, she also had to make calligraphic related work by order. A drawback in this respect was that she got confined in the demands of the subject, and continuously liable to deadlines and delivery dates.
In the course of time she found herself being inhibited in what she wanted most: working freely in art. New ways -after beginning a new life in Portugal and some years  of contemplation on how she wanted to go on- opened up to her: as a result of her passion for calligraphy, and especially the world of colour and illustration that is
related to it, she started to paint.
At last she could express herself freely, experimenting in order to find new directions, techniques and illustrating forms, and making all this to her principal
Eventually she joined in to group exhibitions, organized as well individual ones, in several countries. Her work is represented in private and corporate collections.
Many people feel surprised about meeting, in the same artist, impressionism, abstract paintings, symbolism, almost severe graphical work, paintings sometimes bright and colourful, at times dark and moody.
Quoting MARVEL: ‘Painting is like enjoying or making music. I very often paint on music, led by its rhythm, getting inspired at the mood it is provoking. I like to adapt to the vibrations of the ambient, to the movements of the sun and the moon or the seasons. Music, poetry, calligraphy, painting, it is all connected, all in one.’
‘The Cherry’, shown on these pages and one of her latest works.
In April/2014 Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo Association International of Artists Casa do Paço, Figueira  da Foz ,Gold Medal ,
Museu Etenográfico do Mira,da Praia do Mira in 2014  Portugal.
Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.

The Cherry 150 x 90
Night Prayer 100 x 100 cm
Rolling Stones 60 x 80 cm
Tentugal 60 x 80 cm

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07.01 | 11:47

Very beautifull ! Good Luck

04.01 | 07:57

Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

04.01 | 07:49

Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

04.01 | 07:43

Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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