Claudia Belou, Argentina, To be presented in the book "Artists Across Continents"

Claudia Belou, contemporary Argentinian artist and writer.(English Curriculo)



Her drawings belong to the figurative art, emphasizing them with overlapping figures.

As to sculptures, she stands out for her realism in a social frame.


She was born on September 19th

She ended her studies at the Fine Arts School in 1976, as a National Drawing Teacher, and later in 1979 as Superior Sculpture and Drawing Teacher.

She taught her specialty at the same Fine Arts School between 1980 and 1990. There, she obtained a Prize in sculpture at the MUNICIPAL HALL in 1983.

She participated in the making of two monuments at the city of Quilmes

Monument to National Sovereignty and Monument to Belgrano., 1955 in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Exhibitions in Argentina

Since 1981 she has participated in Argentina in sculptures and drawings exhibitions,both individually and in groups. In several occasions she has been invited by the Culture

Secretary of Quilmes City Hall, in Museums and institutions of the area, as well as the Almirante Brown Museum, the Leon Fourvel Rigoleau Municipal Cultural Centre, Quilmes Municipal Museum, Manuel Belgrano Municipal Library, Medical College of Quilmes and even in the Carlos Morel Fine Arts School.

From 1992 to2008 she lived in Buenos Aires city and did several individual sculpture exhibitions in Palermo and Palermo Soho.

In 2009, she moved to Argentine Patagonia, living in the city of Villa La Angostura,

Neuquen, where she exhibited her works of art at the Villa and neighboring cities during two years and a half.

 Her exhibitions abroad began in 2004.

Schengen Museum Art, in the city of Schengen, Luxembourg

San Matthías Kollege in Tunsdorf, Germany.

Hervas, in the city of Gava, Barcelona, Spain.

Some of her works are in possession of private collectors in Argentina, France, Italy andGermany.

In 2011, she moved to the state of Bahia in Brazil, where she experimented with new techniques of materials and images characteristic of the place during a year.

In 2012, she began an artistic tour of five months through Argentina, with her exhibitions called “Confluences”, showing drawings together with a group of Argentine art.

Latest Exhibitions Abroad


On October 2013, she took part of

The Latin American Art Exhibition in Rome, as an homage to Pope Francisco, at the

Galleria La Pigna, Palacio Maffei in Rome, Italy.

October 2013, Art Shopping in the Louvre Carroussel, Paris, France, showing her art and giving prestige to Latin American artists.

On January 2014, she participated of the UKAMA Exhibition in Malaga, Spain.

As a writer

CLAUDIA BELOU is a Practitioner and Trainer of the Education International Program of the Bach Flowers.

She is frequently invited to give formation courses in several countries of South

America and Europe and to lecture in Congresses, radio and television programs to broadcast this subject.

As a writer she wrote several books, among them.

 On Marlou ch 2013, writer and author of the book “COURAGE TO CREATE”, FULTENA Editorial, Buenos Aires.

On March 2010, issue of the book “A pure look” FULTENA Editorial, Buenos Aires.

For three years she has been the producer and announcer of the radio program NUEVA TIERRA (New Earth) which promotes creativity in several areas as a way to physical and mental health.

 In 2012, she participated in the art book “Latin Realism”, International Year Book of Latin American Art, issued on May 2012.

Exposição Internacional  World Peace Forum 2014,Museu  Schengen,Schediangen,Luxemburgo Europa 2014.


Nowadays she lives in Buenos Aires.



Dibujo Pareja

Clube de Arte de Dorso

La Espera

India (Granito Reconstituido )26 x 26 x 30