Silvia Horna, Brazil. To be presented in the book "Artists Across Continents"

Artist and Writer- Silvia Penna Firme Horna   Brazil 

Nature of the State of Rio de Janeiro , early already showed a great tendency to graphically print the whims of your imagination .

The reverie , travel the paths of dreams , always gave her allowance to make softer the paths traveled.
She teaches formed by the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro . He studied music , majoring in piano.

He graduated in Fine Arts ; Techniques of drawing with graphite; Watercolor Techniques ; Dry Pastel Techniques ; Painting with Spatula ; Sculpture in Clay ; Drawing
as Metaphor Mirror and the Artist , Oil Painting (Freedom Technique ) , Drawing Techniques to Nanjing .

Produced books of poetry and participated in over 30 exhibitions between individual and collective .

There his works in the United States , Australia , Peru , Spain and several states .

Navy was special guest at the exhibition of 500 years of Brazil .

Participated as an honoree of the Book " Brasilia 50 years - His works , His Monuments , Highlights and Personalities .Organized for  Jiselda Salbu - GIGI - in Brasilia . 

When this painting , sit mobilized by a series of experiences that ALCAM him on a flight into the world of fantasy .

Several exhibitions organized for  Jiselda Salbu- GIGI -in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and also in Chile,Argentina .

She has participated Illustrated Book  Realismo Latino-organized for Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway 2013.

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.