Marlene Cioglia, Brazil

Marlene Martins Cioglia, Brazil

Artist- Marlene Martins Cioglia – Brazil
Lawyer, Business Administrator and Artist

Born in her parent’s farm, Santa Maria, near the São Francisco river basin in the mountainous interior state of Minas Gerais (MG), Brazil, she was baptized Maria Marlene Martins.  The third of sixteen children raised by virtuous, hard working and devout Catholic parents Odette Martins Rêgo and Manoel “Neco” Martins, a grand sense of duty and justice towards the common folk awoke within her at a young age.  However, the powerful memories of the rural setting, surrounded by its flora and fauna, in which she was brought up, has caused a parallel source of inspiration in her incredibly prolific life endeavors.


As she and her siblings grew older, the need for a better education made her parents move to towns where the school system was more adequate.  Brasília de Minas and Montes Claros, towns within the state of MG, were part of her itinerary as a young girl.  During her teenage years the family moved to the state’s capital, Belo Horizonte.  Soon after, she went on her own to study in boarding schools in Juiz de Fora (MG) and Petrópolis (RJ).  After graduating from high school she became a teacher for middle school kids in Montes Claros just prior to her first college experience.


Between 1958 and 1960, with an innate flair for the dramatic and an interest towards the world of the arts, she studied Performing Arts at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) – Minas Gerais Federal University, in Belo Horizonte.  Upon realizing her higher calling, between 1960 and 1964, she immersed herself into the study of law in both the Universidade de Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and at UFMG.   After graduation, In 1964, she attended the first year of a law PhD at UFMG.


As of 1965 in Belo Horizonte, parallel to working as a federal public servant as legal assistant to the Womens Penitentiary Estevão Pinto,she established her own independent law office and was called upon to represent the Sindicato dos Motoristas Autônomos de Belo Horizonte(Union of Autonomous TaxiDrivers of Belo Horizonte) and the Federeção Nacional de Taxistas (National Federation of Taxi Drivers) amongst other clients and civil organizations.


In the late 1960’s she met civil engineer Riccardo José Cioglia, with whom she married in 1970 and moved to the new modernist capital of Brazil, Brasília, DF.

"They have a son, Leonardo Emanuel Martins Cioglia, composer and musician graduated from Berklee College of Music and with a Master of Arts degree from NYU - New York University."

Still as a federal public servant she worked for prominent governmental agencies and departments upon arriving in Brasília.  Her first position was as Legal Advisor to Conselho Nacional de Trânsito (CONTRAN-MJ - National Transit Council of the Ministry of Justice).  She was a special advisor to the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Secretaria de Estado e de Planejamento (SEPLAN - Estate Planning Secretariat).  She acted as judicial counselor, again, to both the Ministries of Communications and Agriculture and as legal advisor to the ministers of the SuperiorTribunal de Justiça (STJ - Superior Court of Justice).


Always seeking to obtain knowledge, she attended the Associação dos Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra (ADESG - Association of the Graduates of the Superior College of War), a not for profit civil organization linked to the Brazilian Department of Defense and development who’s main purpose is to preserve and protect the moral and spiritual values of Brazilian nationally mainly through cultural and educational activities.  


Such a zealous professional has bestowed upon her many honors from various Brazilian organizations and institutions.  In 1967, she was awarded the title of Lawyer of the Year of 1966 by the Lafayette Forum of Belo Horizonte; in 1974 she received the diploma of Distinguished Personality by the city of São Francisco, MG; in 1999, the Diploma of Outstanding Woman in Brasília de Minas, MG; in 2000, as a member of the Pioneers Club of Brasília, she received the Pioneer Merit Award.  She is a member of the Instituto dos Advogados de Minas Gerais (IAMG - Lawyers Institute of Minas Gerais) and of the Distrito Federal (IADF - Lawyers Institute of the Federal District).


In 1994 she retired from federal public service and despite continuing to act as an autonomous attorney, began to devote more of her time to what had become a passion for many years, the arts.  She has ventured into the realm of watercolors, pottery, sculpture, tricot and faience.  In 2006, she received the title of Ikebana Master by The Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Japan adding the Japanese art form of flower arrangements to her palette of artistic expression.


A keen eye for beauty, it appears as if any modality of craftsmanship is elevated to a higher art form in Marlene Martins Cioglia’s hands.  She may draw inspiration from various sources.  Artistic symbols of the Catholic faith become an interactive bronze and ceramic wall installation.  The reminiscence of early years in her parent’s various farms become a series of paintings.  However, most of her themes come from nature itself.  A lost log may become an ornament for an Ikebana piece.  A frog becomes the inspiration for a well sculpted pot.  The diversity of kinds of fish becomes the characters of a watercolor or a flat hanging ceramic piece.


In recent years her art work has gained praise and recognition.  In 2010, she was awarded the bronze medal by the Academia Brasileira de Arte, Cultura e História (ABACH - Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History), during the Collective Art Exhibition Celebrating the Centennial of ABACH, with the watercolor Paineira Branca (White Paineira) of Santa Cruz, MG farm; the same year she received the certificate BRASÍLIA 50 ANOS (BRASíLIA 50 YEARS) awarded by ABACH; in 2011 she received from the same academy, the Diploma of Cultural Artistic Merit.  In 2013 one of her paintings was featured in the book Realism Latino organized by the Artecom Expo International Association of Artists.

Notwithstanding the curriculum is marked by a brilliant performance as a lawyer and jurist, her artistic output began competing or even to outweigh this professional profile.

Livro  Realismo  Latino  - 2013  -pela Artecom Expo International Association of Artists.

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artist.


Joazeiro - Fazenda S.João Batista ,Croá,São Francisco -MG Aquarela sobre papel Arches
Capela Imaculada Conçeição.Fazenda Santa Maria ,São Francisco,Minas Gerais . Aquarela sobre papel Arches
Aquarela de peixes
Vaso III- Pintura sobre Faiança
Vaso II -Pintura sobre Faiança
Vaso I - Pintura sobre Faiança
Vaso IV - Pintura sobre Faiança
Vaso V - Pintura sobre Faiança
Panetoneiras - Pintura sobre Faiança
Ikebana e Pintura sobre Faiança
Reprodução em Gobelin de aquarela de Raymundo Oliveira -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reprodução em Gobelin de aquarela de Raymundo Oliveira

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