Vera Russi Mattar Brazil

Vera Russi Mattar Brazil



            Modern Contemporary Impressionism


Artist - Vera Russi Mattar Brazil


Modern Contemporary Impressionism


The Impressionism of Vera Russi Mattar is inspired by nature through light, that plays in hide and reveal the colors . On one of her trips to Europe ,she  fell in

love with Monet's garden in Giverny about 70 km from Paris.The themes addressed in her works are part of everyday life , which creates idealized environments

involving all that surrounds it  : children , animals , plants , and any object that completes a scenario of peace and harmony . In her canvases Vera wants to show usa

harmonious , peaceful , family life . She wants to show us heaven ... which exists within each one, but that the modern technologies and everyday  life insist on


Enchanted by Impressionist style used by Monet ,Renoir and others ,she uses  the same loose brushwork in her paintings used by  precursors of modernism .

Day by day has been improving herself in the technique of Impressionism .Vera creates a relationship of complicity, emotion and art in every screen created .      

Descending of Italians , she was born in Itajai , south of Brazil and now lives in Joinville ,south of Brazil as well . Graduated in Stylism and Interior Design.

she found in the Plastics Arts her preferred hobby .Got married in 1979 , she had two sons, a girl and a boy and today ,became grandmother of a beautiful  girl .                                                            

According to the artist , art is not a profession , it is a state of mind , a way of seeing the world. With her feminine sensibility, she presents a work that

demonstrates a strong personality and at the same time sensitive. Vera is

said to be an accomplished woman and has three passions : family , art , and experience of different cultures .

Before I start a painting, I seek inspiration in anything that serves as a gateway to a world of sensitivity . Like the colors and the sunshine focusing on objects.

Color is what challenges me.

Before I start a painting, I seek inspiration in anything that serves as a gateway to a world of sensitivity . Like the colors and the sunshine focusing on objects .

Color is what challenges me.

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists Norway.  

Several exhibitions organized for Artcom Expo Association International of Artists Casa do Paço, Figueira da Foz,Museu Etenográfico do Mira ,Honorable Mention Medal 

Praia do Mira,Portugal  2014

A Gata na Porta -2013- 120 x 80
A Trepadeira - 2013- 120 x 80
Café da Manha -2014 -100 x 90
Melancias sobre a mesa-2014 -100 x 90
Bicicleta Azul - 2013 - 90 x100
Bananas -2014- 90 x 80

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07.01 | 11:47

Very beautifull ! Good Luck

04.01 | 07:57

Parabéns! Um esmero de trabalho. O material de qualidade e cada página valorizando os trabalho de cada Artista.

04.01 | 07:49

Amei ver as Artistas felizes ao lado de meu trabalho! Reconheço vosso esforço e te desejo paz grande profissional, Jiselda. Foi uma das grandes Exposições!!

04.01 | 07:43

Ser respeitada enquanto Profissional da Arte revela a felicidade de uma vida.
Agradecida ARTCOMEXPO!!

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