Artist:Anne Sophie Le Penru, France


Artist:Anne Sophie Le Penru, France


Artist:Anne-Sophie Le Penru , France

Artist name AL

Born 31 08 1975
In Nantes, France
I live in city Tours now in Region Center Val de Loire France
I speak french and english
Photography is deeply all my life
I like also to play piano too, to draw , to read a lot like Dany Laferriere's books, I like to go

Museums, photography exhibitions and what about sport, i love running, roller and skate.
I have a Bachelor A2 english, german and spanish
I have too a Bachelor's degree at University of Psychology of city Limoges
A Degree in langage of sign and LPC too
I had by the past several works in photography shops and with deaf children,
I had to stop to work in 2004 due to a severe lyme disease after a tick bites
2013 i was in life threatening of my heart due to lyme disease
I had many heart stops
I wear now a stimulator for my heart to stay alive
I continue to fight everyday in 2017 too with this chronic lyme disease in order to stabilize it.
I continue too more than ever to love photography, people and life.
I do photography since age of 8
I am self-taught for Photography since age of 8
First camera at 8
First reflex at 14
Black and white
Little toys
Argentic and now digital photography
Canon Reflex always like my late father had
I used often Focal fix
50 mm
2016 i decided to show my artworks for the first time on my facebook page
5000 people asked me suddenly to add them as friends in few weeks on this fb page
Professionals, artists, people in love with my artworks
It was amazing
I started several exhibitions quickly all over the world with great success each time
2016 :
Art gallery Milano Italy 6 months
Florence Italy 1 month
Cannes in France where i won the Medal of Creativity
Miami Street Festival selection in Usa
Emerging Talent Awards 2016 in Usa
Awards 2016 Usa selection
San Francisco Street Photography in Usa selection
Recognition in New York by a professional jury of my artwork with little toys
2017 :
Mad Gallery Milano all 2017 too with digital exhibitions
Alesarte in Greece Athenes all 2017 too
Awards 2017 Usa selection
Roma in Italy in March in a Palace of century 16
Belgium in Castle Franc Warret in may
Dubai in May
Turin in Museum Les beaux arts July
Portraits Awards Usa selection 2017
Magnum Agency Photgraphy awards selection 2017

My facebook page is

I have also several websites all over the world :

In Italy Milano with the Mad Gallery :

In Greece Athena with the art gallery Alesarte :

With Artcom Expo International Thanks too Baronesa Giselda Salbu :

My own website under construction :

Here below 7 of my artworks in order to show a part of what i do in photography
All this artworks were or are in exhibitions all over the world

Memberships: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists.




"I am the king of the world"

" Cinderella "

" Introspection "

" The kiss "

" The princess in barefeet "

" The twin sisters "

" The reunions "