Artist Irene Østenseth, Norway

Irene Østenseth started painting in 2009. Her main goal and inspiration then was to use her creativity to go deep down in her soul to get rid of many years of accumulated pain. After accomplishing that in 2014 she encountered a creative dry period, and is now going to participate at a course at Nydalen Art School in order to try and find out why she should continue painting and how she should continue painting.

Her pictures varies in motivs, but are usually very colorful. Most of them include an element of drawing. She has participated in a number of courses. As comes to exhibitions she has participated in joint exhibitions organized by Høybråten maleklubb and Groruddalen kunstforening as well as having a few exhibitions on her own. In 2012 her pictures were discovered on the www by Marziart gallery in Hamburg and in 2013 she participated in a joint exhibition with them.

Title: Sjefen. 2011 Technique: akryl. Dim: 90x100cm

Title: Trollunger.

Title: Moving on With or without you

Title: Jeger