Artist-Taillon Janiel da Luz, Brazil

Artist-Taillon Janiel da Luz, Brazil




Artist:Taillon Janiel da Luz, Brazil                                                                        

I had start to paint after my cousin invite me to try.
Soon as I was a child I made good draws in  a school, after she saw this she invite me to try on canvas.
After this time I start to try every week something new, and day by day I was improving my skills.
After some time I look for a place where I can learn about art and some paint techniques in my home city, Rio do Sul.
Years ago I meet one good artist from Brazil Silvio Duarte and after the times learned with him I start to paint professional.
I like to reproduce photos and places that I see, in brushstrokes that give life to something or somewhere. In my works I like to pass the tranquility, the lightness and especially the beauty of things.
I look for inspiration in landscapes, in calm places that make me want to reproduce them through the oil paint.
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No Largo de Porto Côvo - óleo e xisto - 40x100

Barcos de Pesca em Stº André - 100x40

Nas Encostas de S. Pedro do Sul - 80x50

- Vielas de Estremoz - 100x60

- Mosteiro do Cabo Espichel (2) - óleo e xisto - 50x80

- Vista sobre Estremoz (2) - óleo, areia e xisto sobre tela - 40x100

Sé de Lisboa - óleo sobre tela77