Fitta Sehnem, Brazil

Artist:FITTA, Brazil
Maria Aparecida dos Santos Sehnem - FITTA.
Brazilian, born in Marília, São Paulo, where he was born on 04/27/1951.
She began his career as an artist in 1983.
From then on, he began to specialize in the plastic arts.
She presented several works in exhibitions and artistic shows, as well as in events directed to the plastic arts.
She e presented several works in Dourados - MS, such as the Exhibition of works by artists from Ouro Preto in 1991.
The I Collective Exhibition of Fitta's Workshop of Mato Grosso do Sul: its people, its customs, its history, in the Cultural Space of SESC, and the
presentations at Expoagro 1999 and 2000.
In the frontier region, his work is bigger, with presentations both in Ponta Porã (Visual Art. FUNCESPP, Art Exibition - FUNCESPP,
Amusement parks - Town Hall, Arts Exhibition - Artecasa).
Pedro Juan Caballero (I and II Show Daily Sophisticated - Hotel Casino Amambay.
III - Exhibition of Arts of Amambay - ExpoAmambay, Tribute to Maria Aparecida dos Santos Sehnem.
Hotel Cassino Amambay, 15 years in the work of teaching the plastic arts of Maria Aparecida dos Santos Sehnem).
Nevertheless, he still has works presented in other countries, such as Inspiraciones: Exposição de La Sociedad Paraguaya de
Plastic and Allied Artists in Argentina.
XXI International Circuit of Brazilian Art. Oslo - Norway, Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic, and Sofia -