Soraia Demori, UK

Artist:Soraia Demori, UK
Soraia was born in Gurupi, Tocantins, Brazil.
Today to live in London, UK.
She grew up among flowers.
Her mother owned a plant nursery and our fortnight was a beautiful forest.
In December of 2017, his mother had an accident, working with flowers and then died.
Soraia went to his funeral in Brazil.
She had died, and within that she was desperate to think that her flowers and her passion for nature had an end ...
Three months later, Soraia was diagnosed with cancer.
He had to do a treatment, which had a lot of insomnia.
He then began to study "Bach Flower Therapy".
It has been used for over 10 years.
To improve, he underwent a therapeutic treatment with "Access Bars".
But when he finished his treatment, he decided to look for something to do with his daughter Rafaela.
That with that encouragement, the best therapy you found, was to get together, the oil painting, which always caught your eye.
They started together with the painting course, which in this course discovered the flowers.
And so, the transfer began the flowers and nature of his "mother" to screens, which is doing a magnificent job.
And so began his artistic career as a self-taught.