Artist:Anick Langelier, Montreal - Canada

Artist:Anick Langelier, Montreal - Canada

Anick Langelier is a young, untrained, intuitive artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. Anick Langelier was born in july of 1981 and she began painting on a steady basis at the age of 16 to notably fight schizophrenia. She was first strongly driven by her love for the classic painters of the impressionist, expressionist and surrealist movements. But, she soon after got the feeling she was a true original talent and started working on her own signature. She has just been discovered by untamed women art gallery La Galerie des Nanas in Danville, Quebec, and has found out at the same time that she could be associated with some larger movement, somehow called “art brut”. She long thought she was all alone and misunderstood… Anick has a corpus of over 250 amazing oil paintings all crammed in the four rooms appartment of her father in Montreal.

La Galerie des Nanas has presented the work of Anick Langelier in her first large scale solo exhibition in the fall of 2012, and has arranged for her participation at Biennale Internationale d’Art-Hors-Les-Normes in Lyon in the fall of 2013. One of her painting was chosen to illustrate the event catalog.

Not ever since Arthur Villeneuve, has Quebec given us a painter of the scope of Anick Langelier. She literally lives for her art and only stops when she’s short of canvases and oil. She has a wonderful production depicting strange universes full of people, she expresses existential quests, the idea of God, good and evil and the dreamy-haunting worlds of childhood. She also has a fair number of free renderings of classical masterpieces like “Le Cri” from E. Munch, Goya’s “Tres de Mayo”, Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear” or “L’Angelus du soir” from Jean-François Millet.

She only works on five specific sizes on canvases and applies very generous coats of oil in punchy primary colors. Her current body of work mesmerizing!

(2020)(01.04) Anick Langelier
'Charles et l'Apocalypse' (2020)
acrylique sur toile (76cm x 122cm)(GLH3277)

(2019)(03.02) Anick Langelier
«Aux portes de l'enfer» acrylique sur toile (102cm x 76cm)(GLH6350)

(2019)(03.03) Langelier
«Un purgatoire» acrylique sur toile (76cm x 91cm)(GLH6351)

(2019)(07.05) Anick Langelier
acrylique sur toile (122cm x 122cm)(GLH4183)

(2019)(09.01) Anick Langelier
'L'homme au miroir' acrylique sur toile (122cm x 91cm)(GLH6055)

(2019)(10.04) Anick Langelier
'Joe et les présidents' (2019) acrylique sur toile (91cm x 91cm)(GLH1011)

(2019)(10.05) Anick Langelier
'Rempli de bonnes intentions' acrylique sur toile (91cm x 76cm) (GLH1009)

(2019)(12.04)@ Anick Langelier
'Robert Fish'
acrylique sur toile (91cm x 122cm)

(2020)(01.08) Anick Langelier
'Jules et son alter ego' (2020)
acrylique sur toile (76cm x 91cm)(GLH3275)

(2020)(01.11) Anick Langelier
'L'oiseau de feu, Amadeus et George' (2020)
acrylique sur toile (76cm x 102cm)(GLH3267)