3th“International Women’s Day” 08th March of 2021 Homage to all the Women of this Universe

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08th March of 2021
Homage to all the Women of this Universe

“International Women’s Day”

84th International Cultural Exchange of Arts

23th Edition Virtual Art Show

Creator of the project and General Coordination:

Baroness Jiselda Salbu

19th Urene, 6730 Davik Norway

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Generales Coordinatores: Baroness Jiselda Salbu
Creator of the Project / General Coordination: Baroness Jiselda Salbu


Urene, 6730 Davik Norway-
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Norway January 2021
President- Hans Arnt Salbu Baroness Jiselda Salbu




Celebration of achievements
March 8 is also a day to celebrate the achievements, which have always been so sweaty.
It is a moment to remember that, because of these demonstrations, today they can vote and be voted, they can represent their community, they can be independent and have their own careers.
The date helps to value everything that has been accomplished by all those who took to the streets in the past decades, who believed in a better and more just world and gave women today all the rights and access they can

The Woman is Courage coated with tenderness, she is a Force disguised as Fragility, she is Love in the daily Achievement of her Dreams, it is also, HOPE ...
International Women's Day is a milestone on the World Calendar
Fight for equal rights
Although we are already in the 21st century, many women face difficulties in securing basic rights around the world.
From more extreme cases, such as Arab countries that impose a series of prohibitions on women, including the right to come and go, to more liberal countries, such as Brazil, where structural machismo still dictates many of the rules experienced
day to day.
That is why the date is so important, because it makes the world stop for a day to listen to what women have to say and, with each small intervention, the necessary changes are being implemented in society.
Redefining the role of women in society
Before feminism, women were submissive to their husbands and did not have many of the rights that we see today.
An example of this is that until the Federal Constitution of 1988, women did not have equal rights guaranteed by law.
In the first decades of that century, they needed authorization from their husband, registered with a notary, to work.
Today, women are empowered, their role is much stronger and present in society.
They are the main sources of support for their homes, they are more valued for their talents and skills and suffer less prejudice every day.
Reminder that the fight is still needed
Despite so many advances and changes, much remains to be done. Our legislation provides for rights and benefits, but in practice, much still remains to be done based on machismo and misogyny.
Every International Women's Day, you have to go back to the streets and remember that the fight is not over and that each one has a fundamental role in this.
The struggles of today's women
In the beginning of the 20th century, women's struggle was for rights that are now basic, such as a fair working day, the right to choose their representatives in politics and to be elected to represent other women.
Today, these battles have already been won, but others still need to be fought, like the ones below.
Equal pay
Who does not remember the protest of the soccer player Marta at the Women's Soccer World Cup that took place in 2019, in France.
In the same game in which she became the only soccer player in the world to score goals in 5 worlds, what most called attention was her protest at the celebration.
In the boot, instead of sponsorship, a symbol for gender equity in sport.
She, elected six times the best player in the world, the top scorer in the worlds between men and women, the top scorer in the Brazilian team between men and women, refused the sponsorship because the value was much lower than it is
practiced for male peers.
If, with so many achievements and visibility, Marta needed to speak up and put an end to it, imagine how many women do not receive lower wages than her colleagues who perform the same function?
It is a struggle in the labor market that, unfortunately, needs to remain firm.
Violence against women
Violence against women is printed on the front page of newspapers daily.
The Maria da Penha Law is an important achievement, but the aggressors still exist and resist. The vast majority, husbands and companions who do not accept the end of a relationship or who feel they own the woman.
In 2019 alone, there was an increase of more than 7% in the number of femicides in the country, not to mention the cases of physical and sexual aggression.
Women's Day should be used to emphasize the importance of reporting and to educate men from an early age so that they do not commit such crimes.
Black feminism
Another very relevant current of social struggle in Brazil is against racism. If women already suffer different types of prejudices and stigmas, when we talk about black women, the problem multiplies.
The color of the skin and the ethnic traits are sufficient to be classified as inferior people, criminals and the like.
In addition to fighting for their rights as a woman, they need to fight for their rights as human beings, such as access to health, education, food and employment.
Prejudice against LGBTQIAP + women
Finally, we need to talk about the LGBTQIAP + universe. An acronym that encompasses different types of marginalized people, of which various