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In the virtual Exhibitions since the pandemic begun we have exposed 5116 artworks/artists from 126 countries, until April 2021.

Exhibitions 2021 - Artists for a better world

The ultimate single expo.

1301 artists participating with hope for a better future.

World Record? 

See catalogue of 1406 pages here. Click link.

1301 artists from 126 countries

2th Expo. 2021 24. Jan. Calligraphi. Peace for the Universe. 113 artists from 18 countries.

3th Expo. 2021 16  March.- “ These Wonderful, brave  Women ”.  75 artists from 06 countries.

4th  Focus Afrika. 25.05.2021

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5th.  Climate Changes in Artic and Antarctic

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6th. Tribute to all who have provided help and health care around the world

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Exhibitions 2020 - Artists for a better world

20 Exhibitions with different thems like: art in quarantine, survival, discrimination, racism, domistic violence, children and young artists, folk- and ethnic art, sustainability, street art, sculpture, ceramics, photography, calligraphic art.

1th Expo. 24. Apr Art and Life. artists from 24 countries.

2th Expo. 07.May Art, Life and Survive. artists from 24 countries

3th Expo 17.May The virtual art Show. 97 artists from 22 countries

4th Expo 27.May Art, Life and Survival. . 92 artists from 28 countries.

5th Expo  07.June.  Sculptures.  108 artists from 28 countries

6th Expo. 17.June Photography. 106 artists from 31 countries

7th Expo  30.June. Art in Quarantine. 108 artists from32 countries

8th Expo  07.Jul Ceramics and Porcelain.  112 artists from 32 countries

9th Expo 17.Jul Domistic Violence. 178 artists from 44 countries

10th Expo 30.Jul Children and young Artists. . 89 artists from 9 countries Expo  12.Aug Sustainability. 130 artists from 35 countries

12th Expo 24.aug Street Art. 62 artists from 24 countries Expo. 31.Aug Jewelry Design. 48 artists from 17 countries

14th Expo. 11.Sep Art at Embassy. Sustainability.

15th Expo. 12.Sep Discrimination and Racism. 200 artists from 72 countries

16. Expo. 20.Sep. Calligraphy Exhibition. 63 artists from 17 countries Expo. 15.Okt. World stops. Environment is thankful. . 312 artists from 54

18th Expo. 20.Okt Childrens Art. Young Talents. 158 artists from 16 countries

19th Expo. -part 1.  15.Nov. Folk and ethnic. Popular Art. 456 artists from 71 countries

19th Expo -part 2. 15.Nov. Folk and ethnic. Popular Art. 456 artists from 71 countries

20th Expo. 31.Des.  Hope for a better Future. 1100 artists from 93 countries